Friday, July 19, 2013

The Next Thing

Ah Palatino, how I love thee.

My internet is out. I’m broke in the hyperbole-free sense. I'm coming off an ugly six-week stint of depression. I have no prospect to do any work for any money this weekend, and I don’t have money to do anything. I can’t distract myself with surfing and futzing and puttering online, cuz the internet's out in my building. I can't exercise cuz I hurt myself. So I'm going to look at all that like an opportunity to seize the weekend. I’m gonna start a book. It’s been percolating for a while, and now I’m just finally gonna let it out. I know how it begins. I know some of the characters. I don’t know how it’ll end. I know more or less what I want it to be, though, if that makes sense. You can watch me do it. I'm gonna see how much I can do in one weekend. 

I just realized that my hard drive isn’t hooked up, so I have no itunes to listen to. I’ll make do with what’s on my iphone cuz I just wanna get to it. So I will.

However, to address being broke, yes, I’m about to ask you for money. But not a lot. If we were standing in a store and I asked you for a buck, you’d probably give it to me, and you probably wouldn’t sweat asking for it back. So that’s about what I’m thinking. Skip a cup of coffee, empty out your couch or pocket, and throw me a buck or two. That’s it. Use paypal (my personal email address, and if you don't know it, feel free to ask) or whatever else is clever (there are actually a couple ways now, BECU has a clever fund transfer thingee), and if I get enough, I’ll order a pizza to keep myself going, and so on. You’ll get to read the book before everyone else, but you’re not doing it to BUY anything, you’re just helping a dude out who wants to focus on something fun and spend his weekend being productive, since he has no more excuses and distractions. I don't want a lot of money from anyone, I want a negligible amount of money from a lot of people. That makes it seem more fun, more of a lark, and less like a handout, at least to me somehow. 

Obviously anyone who wants in will get a mention on the blog and in the book itself when I'm done with it and it's in print and on kindle, etc. 

Let’s see where this takes us. Let's see about this "power of asking" thing. 

Oh, and it’s a spy thriller. Baxter’s Last Cache. Prologue and First Chapter are already up, and I like them. As ever, I'll edit later, but you can see it now! All content copyright me, 2013, all rights reserved, etc, etc. 

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