Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Status Update

Whelp, the internet is out at my house again, so I may not be updating as frequently. I also got a bit of work that'll take the rest of the week, but I'm having fun with Baxter, so I will keep up to a chapter a day at minimum and I think I'll keep coming back to it just because I'm enjoying myself.

Tominda Adkins has become another patron since I last posted an actual blog here, and I'm incredibly grateful. Her name will crop up in the book as well. 

It's amazing how good an anti-depressant this book has become. I may not be chipper when I'm out and about, but even if I'm not motivated when I start, the work really buoys me when I'm actually at it, it's kinda of awesome. 

Anyway, Chapter 20 is up, which brings us to the end of the first balls-out action stuff, and the end of what I've written thus far. That was, as far as I'm concerned, the end of the first act, so that means the book is more or less 1/3 done (in my head at least). We shall see. 

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