Thursday, February 11, 2010

Author's Note: RnR

Let me tell you about the kind of love I have for you, dear reader.  I am on my way out of town for a few days with my buddy Landon, and I just cranked out a chapter on the bus so that I can post a chapter today AND pre-date two chapters to post while I'm gone.  

So, while I'll be out of town, you won't miss out on any chapters. I do this because A: I took two days off without intending do for Cheese! last weekend (which was a rousing success, if it wasn't mentioned before) and B: Because I'm supposed to be posting every day and I don't wanna be a dick.  I also know that C: Some of you are serious junkies who will start coming after me if I leave you in the lurch.  

So there you go.  See you when I get back on Sunday, just in time to write another chapter.

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