Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interlude: Author's Note

Wow.  When I came up with the idea of this book several years ago, let alone when I started writing it, I did not imagine it was going to come together so well or so easily.  This book is clearly ready to come out and yesterday I wandered around the city for an hour or so running errands and another piece fell into place after just rolling things around in my head.

This book represents a lot of things to me: Discipline, maturity, development of my voice, and showing off and having fun.

I'm up to 70 pages of manuscript, give or take, which is more than 100 pages when formatted for publication.  That's half a novel, easy, which is fantastic.  The last novel I wrote in blog format was finished at around 90 pages and this one is clearly going to be longer.

If you're following me regularly, I really appreciate it.  If you're not and you receive this notification, you really should check this puppy out.  It's going gangbusters and I'm thrilled about it.

New chapter, coming up!

Please post questions and/or feedback if you have them.  It'll help keep me excited.


  1. Keep it up, man. I'm loving this so far.

  2. Amen to that! Keep it up. And this interlude really shocked me: it's amazing to have such a direct and vibrant line of connection to you and your process!

  3. Hey, thanks, Daetan! Glad to have you aboard. Every person that I know I'm writing for keeps me motivated, so it's a pleasure to hear from you.