Friday, January 29, 2010

Author's Note: A day off and Cheese

Firstly, we still haven't sold enough tickets for Cheese! the benefit show we're doing for Vita Arts, the arts education non-profit I helped found.

Go here for more details:

Secondly, I am taking the weekend off!  I actually have a few more chapters in the hopper, but the fourth of July is coming up (in the book, obviously) and it's going to be a big deal, so I'm going to get some rest and perspective before attacking it.

A chapter will be posted soon for today and then I won't be back till Monday.  Thanks SO much for reading, it's really exciting to know that I'm actually writing for people who are excited to see what happens next.  Especially Baron, who sends me texts and chapters almost every day that say things like "Moar chapters!"

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  1. Hahaha, Baron would! He sold me on your work, actually. MOAR CHAPTERS NAOOOOO (I don't think I'm even halfway!). God I love 'im!