Thursday, December 3, 2009

Author's Note: So here we are

And there you have it!  The end is within sight, but this is all that will be posted here on this blog.

If you wish to read the final few chapters, please contact me personally.  I will ask you to PayPal me a few bones, and I will give you the option of reading the ending in one chunk or continuing to have it sent to you in serial format.

Please leave any comments on the work in general or anything in particular after this post.

I appreciate your patience and support with this project.  The people who told me they checked back every day for another chapter particularly kept me relatively honest and definitely motivated to keep up with their demands.  I hope you found the exercises as satisfying as I did. 

I found that this style of writing lends itself to stories that want to be told at a fair clip, and I have several ideas for several more of those, so check back later in December or in January for another novel to be told in serial format.  The idea that I am currently batting around will be longer, so it won't be told in a month, necessarily, but I'll start with it in the same format.

As always, thanks for reading.  Love and kisses.

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  1. Thanks Beau! As always a pleasure and I hate you and love you for your cliff hangers, again another book I would have likely read in one sitting for not being able to put it down, so it was fun to have to have it drawn out like it was! (crazy run on sorry, Beau's writing is not a family trate! At all!)
    I really like T.K. as a character and I hope to see her more and get to know her on a deeper level, lots more to explore with her. Assuming you don't kill her off in the last 4 chapters I have yet to read! In which case I might not forgive you! (I can say this now as you have finished writing and it won't change anything)
    I would read you even if I were not your sister! Congrats on a triumph! Much love!