Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here We Go!

Once again, I'm writing a novel. Shocking to many of you, I know. But an idea I kicked around a year or so ago just clicked on Thursday and I've now written 16 pages. Today I was reminded that November is National Write a Novel Month (or whatever), so what the hell. I'm going to keep at it every day (give or take) until the end of November and see where I'm at by then. I might even have a whole book.

This is partly an experiment, just to see what happens, but it's also an exercise in discipline, something I've been working on developing lately, something that I'm aware I sorely lack.

I figure doing this in a public forum will give some measure of accountability, especially if anyone actually bothers to read the damn thing. I will post at least a chapter a day for November and go from there. I have already written six chapters, so I will theoretically be able to take a day off at some point, but why bother, right? I will post at least a chapter a day, but at present I do not have a page goal for myself. One may evolve, but for now there is just the goal of at least a chapter. Five pages a day seems to be pretty universal, but I'm already at 16.

Also, it should be noted that I am not entering this book, which remains untitled, in Novel Writing Month because I started it in October and because I'm not writing it to enter it in a competition, but just to write a book under a deadline and with a schedule.

Because of the circumstances under which I am writing, only positive feedback is requested. If you have serious feedback, by all means, write it down and send it to me at the end of the month. Editing on the fly will be minimal, this is just to get the story out, so there are bound to be holes, typos, and other errors. If you see them, I want to hear about them, just not in November as it will distract me from the end result of actually finishing this puppy.

If this is completed it will be my first actual serial killer novel. My mother will be so proud! I'm excited to see where it goes and excited to explore the twisted ideas behind it. It will not be extravagantly explicit, but it will be fucked up. Just so you know.

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  1. Really looking forward to getting caught up on this.